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Existing technology

Wafers are processed one by one.
  • Oxidation aperture sizes are controlled by the process time.
  • Issues on non-uniform oxide aperture size on a wafer and on low reproducibility between wafer to wafer
  • Even with in-situ monitoring tools, it is not possible to solve the issues on non-uniform oxide aperture size on a wafer.
  • Issues on the stable quality control and improving production yields of VCSEL products.

RayIR technology

Multiple of wafers can be process at once.
  • A physically limited and self-terminated oxidation process allows stable and uniform processes.
  • Able to achieve uniform oxide aperture sizes on the wafer, wafer-to-wafer, and batch to batch process.
  • Allows dramatic improvement in VCSEL production yields.
  • Improved production throughput is possible as well.
  • Expect to improve the VCSEL chip reliabilities especially on high power applications.